What are the Gateway Cities?

The Gateway Cities are 26 of Massachusetts’ historic industrial centers, which have been challenged in recent decades with the loss of their manufacturing base. Once vibrant economic and cultural hubs, these cities are undergoing a revival as the state aims to raise awareness of their untapped potential.

Why 5ks?

Walking, running, or rolling the city streets affords an on-the-ground experience more profound than driving through in a car. The 5k challenge is designed to get participants outside to explore, interact, and absorb the historic charm and dynamic future of the Gateways.

How do I sign up?

Follow this link to request a free ‘Passport to the Gateways booklet’. Once the passport is completely filled out, please contact us and we will send instructions on how to redeem your finisher’s medal. We will send your passport back with a finisher’s medal.

Do I need to complete all the 5ks in one year?

No. The ‘5ks for the Gateways’ is an ongoing program and we expect it will take longer than a year to complete.

My race isn’t listed on the upcoming races. How can I include my race?

Please e-mail eadams@massdevelopment.com the race date, URL, and location and we will include it here.


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